The Tor browser has achieved wide popularity around the world due to its wonderful advantages that it offers to its users, as it gives them high privacy in browsing websites and protects their personal data from hacking and piracy in addition to the possibility of accessing web pages with anonymous identities that cannot be traced in any way, and it should be noted that the browser can Its use in a number of uses, including access to blocked sites within your geographical area because it works to hide the IP address and replace it.

The Tor web browser provides a distinguished list of great tools, the most prominent of which is the use of well-known search engines such as Google, Bing, and so on to search for the sites and articles that you want, and some add-ons can also be used to provide the application with some other features that may not be available by default, the program is an advanced version of Firefox because it It depends on its source code, of course, with a set of additional adjustments and improvements to make surfing the Internet safer and more private.

I would like to point out an important point, which is that your effects on the Internet cannot be bypassed in any way, and how was the entity that would like this to so the application spread like wildfire and got positive reviews from its users, and the browser is useful in browsing all kinds Web pages without problems due to its full compatibility with modern and old web technologies, in sum, Tor Browser is a distinct application that has no definition that can be used for safe browsing, free of tracking and dangers.

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Features of the secure Tor Browser

A series of operations that the browser performs to encrypt the connection
It provides a set of servers for anonymous identities.
Additional tools such as search engine and browser screen capture
Works to hide personal data away from intruders
It can browse all types of websites with different configurations
Ability to use keyboard shortcuts in administration

Information about the secure Tor Browser

Software version: 10.0.6
Program size: 68.6 MB
Publisher: The Tor Project.
Program compatibility: Windows versions
License: Free

Download Tor Security Browser

Download Tor Security

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