CentBrowser is a powerful, free browser used to access various web pages as it supports many approved technologies, including cryptic browsing, which allows you to browse the Internet without making your own identity by hiding it, and is characterized by its great speed and lightness in accessing various websites such as YouTube and social networking sites Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., the program supports the installation of add-ons, which provides you with access to many tools.

The browser contains the feature to download files at the fastest possible speed and displays important details such as download speed and remaining time in addition to the percentage of completion of the process and also supports useful tools such as pausing and resuming and this is useful in the event that you want to complete the task at a later time after closing and operating your computer, the application supports shortcuts Keyboard as this allows you to manage various activities that you want through the keyboard, which saves you a lot of effort.

Net Scent Browser features

Supports saving the sites you visit frequently
The browser provides an incognito feature that allows you not to save browsing traces
The program included the Flash Player Player so that you can open all flash content
Elegant and modern design with all the tools you need
It contains a download manager that helps you make downloads at a high speed
Adopting a search engine to be used to access information and topics
Light on the computer and fast to open various websites

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Information about Net Scent Browser

Program version:
Program size: 72.2 MB
Developer: Cent Studio.
Program compatibility: Windows versions
License: Free version

Download Net Scent Browser

Download Net Cent Brwasser

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