Yandex is a free web browser developed by the Russian company Yandex, which owns the search engine of the same name, this browser is used to open various websites with different configurations, where you can browse social networking sites Facebook and Twitter and view news sites, download sites and other web pages, In Russia, Yandex is considered one of the most popular multi-use browsers, and in our Arab world, the browser has gained great popularity due to the features and characteristics it offers, so that its reputation becomes widespread.

Yandex has all the components of the integrated program as it provides the user with all the tools he needs as it supports the famous search engines such as Google and Bing in addition to Yandex and you can set it to do the searches that you do directly from the place of writing the site all you have to do is type a word and then click the Enter button to go directly To the search engine, one of the features worth noting is the synchronization of user data with the Internet to open it from devices that use Yandex. You can synchronize passwords, website addresses, etc., the browser comes integrated with Flash Player so that you can browse video sites such as YouTube and flash game sites without downloading the flash player

Yandex Browser Features

.Browse all websites without exception, with the different technologies that are configured with them
.Protection from viruses and websites that carry malicious codes
.Easy search feature by setting your preferred search engine
.A downloads manager where you can download whatever programs, games and movies you want on the application
.Synchronize user data such as passwords, websites you visit and various data
.With the new version of the program, Opera Turbo feature has been integrated to greatly speed up browsing
.Incorporating the ability to translate to translate words and topics with ease
.Open many tabs without affecting computer performance and lightness
.It is completely free so it does not require a purchase or something like that

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.Many add-ons are waiting for you, such as adding screen capture
.Built-in flash player, you can watch videos on YouTube and browse flash game websites

Information about Yandex browser

Program release:
Program size: 134 MB
Publisher: Yandex
Program compatibility: Windows versions
License: Free

Download Yandex Browser

Download Yandex

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