Pal Moon is a fast browser that allows its users to browse all types of websites, including social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others, and the latter is compatible with all types of web configurations.There are many features and features that the browser provides, such as a tool to download files from the web where the user can download videos And movies, documents and compressed files at the highest speed provided by the Internet provider with management options such as pausing and resuming, and it also provides the feature of completing downloads that were interrupted by the internet disconnection from the computer.

Pale Moon Browser is based on Mozilla’s source code, which means that you can install add-ons available on Firefox, as the feature will enable you to take advantage of some new tools that can be added to the browser, in addition to that you can import all data on one of the browsers that you use, including passwords and log Browsing, emails and other additional files that can be imported directly after installing the application on the system.

Palmun browser features

.The ability to import various data on browsers
.It works stable on Windows system and consumes little resources
.It can be used to download various types of files from the net
.Quick browsing of all the websites you are trying to access
.Supports keyboard shortcuts in managing browsing tasks
.It can play videos on YouTube without downloading add-ons

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Information about Pal Moon Browser

Program version: 28.16.0
Program size: 30.5 MB
Publisher: Moonchild Productions.
Program compatibility: Windows versions
License: Free

Download Pale Moon Browser

Download Pale Moon

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