Through this application, you will be able to download files from the Internet at high speed, what kind of movies, applications and videos, and it also provides better management of downloads with support for the resume and pause feature at any time you want. Among the reasons for the success of this browser is its stability with the Windows system, as with the recent improvements that have occurred to it, it has become significantly better and works stably and powerfully without spasms or crashes.

Safari browser protects the privacy of the user as it can delete all cookies, passwords and websites visited on the program, and this program includes a blocker for pop-up pages that contain ads that may bother you while using one of the sites. Other features that you will find in the program are the search feature It helps you to access various information with the ability to auto-correct words that will give you correct writing.

Moreover, the program comes with an easy-to-use structured graphic interface that ensures the user a smooth transition between the various functions that are presented and depends on the tab system and this allows you to open many pages within one window, and this contains a QuickTime component through which you can play videos, movies and audio files included In web pages directly from the browser, in the end what can be said is that Safari Browser is one of the great browsers that provide various services in browsing and downloading from websites.

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Safari browser features

Perfect and fast browsing of all web pages on the Internet.
Download files at high speed with the ability to pause and resume.
Built-in QuickTime component with which you can play media media.
Blocker for pop-up windows that sometimes contain malicious codes.
Cover Flow feature that allows the user to seamlessly transition between sites.
Built-in search system allowing you to access information with a word checker.
Save your passwords and protect them from hackers and hackers.
You can install some plugins to help the browsing process.
It is completely free and you can take advantage of all the features without restrictions.

Information on the Safari browser

Program version: 5.1.7
Program size: 36.7 MB
Publisher: Apple.
Program compatibility: Windows versions
License: Free

Download Safari Browser

Download Safari

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