The program has multiple features and advantages, including the automatic saving feature of the sites that you visit frequently, as it works to suggest them to you to facilitate access to them in the future. When you type the first letter of the site, the application completes the full link automatically. Moreover, it provides the search feature through the Google search engine and can be changed To Bing or Yahoo from the settings, the program relies on many advanced technologies that will make browsing times faster compared to other programs.
Google Chrome contains a download manager that can download files from the Internet at high speed with the ability to pause and resume, and this is useful for those who suffer from interruptions in the Internet or electricity. The web without typing your information each time, and this contains the feature of automatic registration of data to fill it in forms in the future.
Google Chrome provides complete protection while browsing, which keeps your information far from intruders and hackers, in addition to the possibility of blocking websites that carry harmful content immediately after trying to enter them, and this web browser protects your privacy where you can delete all traces that you left behind with ease such as Cookies and cookies, The bottom line is that Google Chrome is the best browser ever, and you will be amazed at the amount of tools and features it offers.

Google Chrome features

Auto-fill in the data recorded in the browser.
Adopting a number of distinctive technologies for fast browsing.
Protect privacy by deleting all traces.
Compatible with various old and modern Windows systems.
Save the sites that you visit continuously and suggest them to you in the future.
The ability to import browsing data from other programs.
A download manager that allows you to download files at high speed.
Fast search for words and phrases on search sites.
Support for various international languages, including Arabic and English.

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Information about Google Chrome

Program version: 87.0.4280.141
Program size: 64.1 MB
Publisher: Google.
Program compatibility: Windows versions
License: Free

Download about Google Chrome

Download Google Chrome

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