One of the great features of the program is full compatibility with all pages of different configurations, where you can access social networking sites and video sites such as Daily Motion, YouTube, and others. You can control the pages by enlarging texts and saving the sites on the computer to browse them in the event that you are not available on the Internet as it includes features Other sites to develop, such as reviewing the page code and applying changes to the sites with instant inspection, and you can add new tools through additions.

Mozilla Firefox browser preserves the user’s privacy as it can delete all browsing traces such as visited sites, passwords, and cookies. It also gives the ability to undercover browsing to access sites without giving your true identity, and the browser works to protect you from phishing sites that aim to steal login information and protect you. Of the sites that carry malicious codes that may harm your system, based on an extensive database that contains all harmful web pages, after trying to access them, the program will alert you of them.

Mozilla Firefox browser features

Access to all kinds of websites at high speed.
Control the display of pages by enlarging the texts and taking screenshots.
Maintain user privacy by deleting all relics.
Tabs technology that allows you to open more than one website in one window.
A special market for plugins from which you can download some plugins.
It comes with a download manager that helps you download files from the net.
It is completely free, so you do not need to pay additional costs.
Protect you from web pages carrying malicious content on the system.

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About Mozilla Firefox

Program version: 84.0.1
Program size: 53.3 MB
Publisher: Mozilla Foundation.
Program compatibility: Windows versions
License: Free

Download Mozilla Firefox Browser

Download Mozilla Firefox

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