Puffin Browser has an integrated set of tools that allow you to manage the display of pages such as full screen and enlarging text and images in addition to viewing the source code for websites for use in development, the program works on protecting the user’s privacy by encrypting data in multiple layers and you can also erase all traces That you have left behind, such as the websites you have visited, cookies, passwords, and various browsing data.

Moreover, the browser gives you a great feature of browsing websites without showing your true identity and using this feature ensures that your privacy is maintained, and the program comes integrated with Flash Player so that you can play videos and games without having to download them in the future, Puffin supports keyboard shortcuts where you can Managing websites using the keyboard and this provides ease of navigation, and this browser has a stylish graphical interface that has all the necessary tools that must be provided in a browser.

Through this application you can access news, technical and video sites such as YouTube at a high speed in browsing, and Puffin gives you the ability to search through the place of listing addresses to facilitate access to search sites and you can set the default search site such as Google and Bing, and it is also light on computer resources so that it does not Its operation requires the availability of large resources and it can be used in devices with modest requirements, and the program works in compatibility with various protection programs to scan web pages.

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Puffin browser features

Browse all websites without exception with a high speed guarantee.
A downloads manager where you can download files from the net and manage them.
Tab system that allows you to open a number of web pages within one window.
Compatible with various Windows XP / 7/8/10 systems.
Built-in flash player so you don’t need to search for and download.
Keyboard shortcuts to make it easier for you to control the browser from the keyboard.
It works with the protection software side by side in order to detect the websites you visit.
Set the default search location to seamlessly search for topics of interest to you.
Light on the computer so that it does not consume many resources.
Elegant graphic interface ensures the user a unique browsing experience.

About Puffin Browser

Program version:
Program size: 39.1 MB
Publisher: CloudMosa Inc.
Program compatibility: Windows versions
License: Free

Download Puffin Browser

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