Brave is a fast and safe browser for use. You can browse what you want from news sites, social networking sites, and others. The browser provides a high speed while browsing compared to other browsers, as it relies on distinctive technologies that will increase the speed of response and loading pages. A lot of similarities between it and Google Chrome, and it can support the latter’s add-ons.What distinguishes Brave Browser is its way of dealing

There are a large number of features that you will find in Brave Browser, including high-speed downloading of files, what kind documents, videos, movies and educational programs, and provides a manager for downloads so that they are arranged. This feature exempts you from download programs, you can get layers of security through HTTPS Everywhere that works Providing security protocol for all sites that will increase the safety of sites so that they provide Encrypted data traffic, one of the goals of the program is to reduce the time of accessing websites by two to four times faster than other browsers by compressing the data on the pages and this contributes to speeding up browsing and also stops ads that increase the slow loading of websites, with Brave Browser You will be awa

Brave Browser Features

High browsing speed of up to 60% compared to other browsers.
A downloads manager that organizes and downloads files from websites very quickly with the ability to organize them.
Stop annoying ads, which provides a great browsing experience.
The ease of use of the program due to the fact that it is based on the Chromium code.
The ability to save your favorite sites to appear on the main page of the program.
Full compatibility with various versions of Windows, including Windows 10.
Complete protection from phishing sites and scanning of all the pages you visit.
Brave Browser comes in more than one language, including Arabic.
The browser supports the tabs feature, which means you can open more websites in tabs.

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Information about Brave Browser

Program version: 1.18.75
Program size: 69.5 MB
Publisher: Brave Software.
Program compatibility: Windows versions
License: Free

 Download Brave Browser

Download Brave

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