LunaScape is a free web browser developed by the Japanese company Lunascape Corporation in Tokyo and provides all the functions that the user needs in browsing various websites and it includes an advanced toolbar that contains a search engine that you can change so that you can access the topics you want quite easily. The program saves the websites that you visit frequently and suggests them to you in subsequent times, directly after writing the first letter of the address.

Through your use of this application, you will have the ability to save your favorite sites in the favorites list for smooth access to them later. You can also synchronize the data available therein with other browsers to avoid entering it from the beginning in each browser, and the program saves your browsing data automatically to avoid losing it, including in This includes sites and bookmarks, as well as cookies, you can also import templates from other browsers such as Google Chrome, Opera, and others.

LunaScape browser features

Accessing the search box and using it to view the topics that are important to you.
Unstable shape supports customization feature so that you can change the location of tools.
User can import browsing data from other browsers.
Make a backup copy of your bookmarks to avoid losing them.
Manage services that can be performed using the mouse and keyboard.
Display web tabs on one page side by side.

Information about LunaScape Browser

Software version: 6.15.2
Program size: 35.0 MB
Developer: Lunascape.
Program compatibility: Windows versions
License: Free

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Download Lunascape Browser

Download Lunascape

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