Vivaldi is a safe web browser for use without a definition that provides a unique experience for the user in accessing various web pages such as news sites and social networking sites Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and it is characterized by its speed in browsing as it works on compressing data and using multiple technologies in quick access to websites, and the developers aim This browser updates the concept of browsers and develops a browser that meets all the needs of the user.

Vivaldi Browser provides distinctive features, including a quick search for words and phrases by inserting them in the place of inserting sites or selecting a word and right-clicking and then selecting the search. The browser will search for content through the default searcher that has been set in the browser, and this application provides the ability to download files from The Internet is high speed with various management features such as pause and resume at any time you want. This is useful for those who suffer from internet disconnection.

Moreover, you can control the web pages that you visit by enlarging the font and displaying the full screen. On the security side, the developers have focused a lot on it as it secures the various activities that you do by relying on data encryption technology and this and maintains the privacy of the user by erasing all Traces of the web that he left behind, such as files, passwords, visited websites and cookies, the bottom line is that this browser is one of the great browsers that provide safe and fast browsing of various websites with all the tools that the user needs.

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Features of Vivaldi web browser

Browse all kinds of websites without exception at high speed.
Maintain user privacy by deleting all browsing traces.
Quick search feature for the contents you want.
It saves all the sites you visit and shows them for you next time.
Nice and consistent shape that supports customization.
Download manager with which you can download various files.
Control the page by zooming in or full screen mode.
Tabs technology to open a large number of sites within one page.
Supports complementary plugins to add new tools to the browser.
You can control the program with keyboard shortcuts.
It works with various versions of Windows XP / 7/8/10.

Information about Browser Vivaldi

Program version: 3.5.2115.81
Program size: 64.3 MB
Publisher: Vivaldi Technologies.
Program compatibility: Windows versions
License: Free

Download Browser Vivaldi

Download Vivaldi

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