Chi dot browser is absolutely one of the modern browsers that offer exceptional advantages in the field of web browsing, as it is characterized by its missile speed in opening multiple web pages and works to display them in their default format without problems as it is compatible with all technologies that go into creating pages and this means opening News sites and social networks, as well as watching videos on YouTube, and one of the browser’s strengths is that it is light on system resources and thus the ability to open many tabs and windows without a significant impact on the capabilities of your computer.

It should be noted that the Che dot browser supports various languages, including Arabic, English, French, and a large list of other languages, which means a greater understanding of the tools and functions that it works on. This can customize the graphic interface by changing the browser’s background and changing the location of the tools by dragging them to any part you want. With it, in addition to that, the default search engine can be set so that the latter will take care of all the searches you do on topics and websites, and the sites that you visit are saved directly and suggested to you in subsequent times with the ability to delete them and get rid of the cookies and passwords saved from One button press.

Che dot program features

Lightning speed for all kinds of websites you browse
Ability to upload videos, audios and documents
Personalization feature that allows you to re-configure the appearance
Supports modern web technologies HTML5 and Bootstrap
Protect privacy by deleting all traces of browsing
It encrypts data to prevent snooping on you
Block harmful websites that contain malicious codes
Light as it consumes moderate resources during use

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Information about the Chi Dot program

Program release: 2021
Program size: 2.8 MB
Publisher: Guerrilla Programming.
Program compatibility: Windows versions
License: Free

Download the Chi Dot program

Download Chedot Browser

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