We begin today’s article on one of the most powerful browsers in the world, the Yossi Browser, which offers exceptional features to the user, the most important of which is browsing all kinds of global websites, including social networks, at a rocketing speed compared to other web browsers, and it also includes the feature of downloading files from the Internet of various kinds such as videos, documents, and movies And audio files also allows you to manage downloads in a flexible and very smooth way, and you can pause and resume tasks at any time you want.
The browser provides the advantage of preserving privacy through the ability to delete all traces of the web with one click of the mouse where you will be able to delete cookies, cookies, the history of browsed sites and others, and it also gives an integrated protection for browsing by encrypting information so that it does not fall into the hands of intruders and hackers who aspire to The user’s data and private accounts are stolen, and Yossi Brwasser filters websites and detects phishing pages that you are trying to reach.

UC Browser Features

Browse all web pages at high speed
Support for all technologies used in creating sites
Download all kinds of files from the Internet
Access to the source code for the pages
Bookmarks to get to your bookmarks
Ability to use keyboard shortcuts
Light on computer resources so that it does not significantly affect its performance

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Information on UC Browser

Program version:
Program size: 1.6 MB
Publisher: UC Web.
Program compatibility: Windows versions
License: Free

Download UC Browser

Download UC

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