Max Thon is one of the most popular browsers on the web as it has advanced browsing techniques as a result of updates made by developers with the aim of gaining user confidence and is now the best ever and competes with other web browsers, the strength of the program lies in the high speed in accessing web pages in addition to Because it has a file download manager with which you can manage downloads without relying on additional programs in the field such as Internet Download Manager.

The Maxthon Browser program includes distinctive tools, including a screen capture tool that allows you to take a picture from the web page that you have reviewed, all you have to do is select a specific area of ​​the site and click on the Capture button, and this is what is in it. This may help you in making explanations about a specific service provided by someone Sites, users can also access various Windows shortcuts such as accessing the file browser, notepad or calculator, and you can customize the functions as desired.

Maxthon browser features

Fast browsing of various types of websites and depends on modern technologies
The advantage of adding external tools for Windows, such as the browser and notepad
Option to capture screen from the browser without relying on external software
It saves all the websites that you visit to facilitate access to them later
It can help you save your information and auto-fill it in the fields
A download manager that lets you download files at high speed from websites

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About Maxthon Browser

Program version:
Program size: 63.9 MB
Publisher: Maxthon.
Program compatibility: Windows versions
License: Free

Download Maxthon Browser

Download Maxthon

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