Avast Secure Browser is a modern browser developed by the giant company in the security field, Avast, as it offers a range of security features that contribute to maintaining the security of your files and your system, in addition to that it supports browsing all web pages of various kinds due to its reliance on the pioneering Chromium code, which has proven its stability and effectiveness. With the passage of time as many browsers are used in the world, the browser comes with a set of advanced tools in the field of protection and security.

The browser has promising capabilities, the most prominent of which includes a special search engine that can be changed easily and set Google or Bing, for example, the latter will help you access sites and articles in addition to existing research on the Internet, and this web browser supports keyboard shortcuts, which means more flexibility in switching between Tools provided.

Additional features include the feature of detecting phishing sites that you may encounter while browsing or entering them through e-mail, and the program also guarantees protection for your privacy through the ability to delete all traces of browsing such as cookies, cookies, sites that you visited and other other files that it The browser saves them over time.

Avast Browser Features

Block pop-up ads that may be a real nuisance
Detect malicious and phishing sites
It encrypts your connection to protect your data
Keyboard shortcuts can be used in the administration of the browser
It provides high speed browsing of multiple internet sites
It allows you to clean the browser from all data related to browsing
Protect and secure accounts registered in the browser

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Information about Avast Browser

Program version: 80.1.3902.163
Program size: 3.1 MB
Publisher: AVAST Software
Program compatibility: Windows versions
License: Free

 Download Avast Secure Browser

Download avast browser

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