Avant is one of the promising programs in accessing and downloading different web pages, as it offers a set of tools and functions to help manage browsing in general, and this browser competes with other programs that provide the same service, but it is characterized by high speed browsing in addition to the elegant graphical interface that It is considered easy to use so that the user can take advantage of all the capabilities of the program and switch between the various functions it offers.

In terms of security, Avant Browser focused on this aspect, which made it one of the most secure browsers when using this and many features have been improved and some security holes that were in previous versions have been dealt with, and the browser is still in continuous development, in addition to that the program is available on Blocker ads that may be a source of inconvenience to the user during the browsing process, and sometimes these pages may contain viruses or spyware that may threaten public security.

Avant Browser Features

Access to various types of websites of different configurations
The tab system that allows you to open a number of websites in one window
Download files from the Internet at high speed with easy management
Privacy protection by deleting all information and traces
It comes with support for various international languages, including Arabic and English
Protection from all security threats that you may face while browsing
The built-in flash player allows you to play flash videos and games
Light on the computer so that it consumes a reasonable amount of resources

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Information about Avant Browser

Program version: 3.17.2020
Program size: 4.3 MB
Publisher: Avant Force.
Program compatibility: Windows versions
License: Free

Download Avant Browser

Download Avant

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