Lua Player is a free application that helps the user to play videos and multimedia in a very distinctive way, as it provides promising capabilities, including the ability to create playlists that include your favorite media files in an orderly way so that you can quickly access your favorite clips, and the program provides the ability to take screenshots During operation and saved on the phone in multiple formats, it provides the ability to accompany the subtitle files that are loaded with the movies, with setting the font, color and size.

The application offers distinct options that help improve the appearance of clips by adjusting the brightness, contrast and color saturation, in addition to applying some effects to the sound, Lua Player allows you to review all the media files stored in the phone with the ability to use the search feature to quickly access any file you want quite easily The operation window can be added to the main screen of your phone while providing smooth management options such as skipping the clip or pausing and resuming. The application can be accessed through the window.

Features of Lua Player Video and Movie

It provides the ability to run various types of formats, depending on your integrated code
It allows you to take screenshots while the clip is playing with ease
Supports multiple subtitle files to merge with your favorite movies
You can use the quick search engine to get to the clips
Supports appearance improvement by adjusting brightness, contrast, and brightness
It allows you to speed up or slow down the clip as desired
It offers the advantage of playing videos from the Internet via links

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Information about the Lua Player video and movie player

Program version: 3.0.8
Program size: 24.6 MB
Publisher: Lua Interactive.
Program compatibility: Android 4.1 and later
License: Free

Download Lua Player and Video Player

Download Lua Player

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